"Our mission is to assist each ATLETIKA student in reaching his or her full physical potential through the use of proper movement education."


"The vision for ATLETIKA is to be the foremost leader in the Movement Education industry. To accomplish this, each of our instructors must be in the continual process of learning and refining their trade – never satisfied with their current mastery of a specific discipline. When this occurs within all major disciplines of ATLETIKA, we will evolve our programs and methods to effectively meet the needs of the changing times. This will put us in the best seat in the house; at the forefront where science and art become one."

What does ATLETIKA mean?

MoscowThe word atletika (at-let-ẽ-ka) is Russian for what we know in the west as athletics. Atletika, however, has a far deeper meaning than how one might understand it in America. When engaging in atletika, the trainees are committed to obtaining their top physical excellence. This achievement can only be reached through learning the many facets of training such as: anatomy and physiology, loaded and unloaded strength training, plyometric/shock training, nutrition and supplementation, restoration and recovery, etc. You see, atletika has a far broader scope than just competitive athletics. We cater to everyone who is willing to put their body through stress and stimulation that it is not accustomed to. This is the best way to live a life full of vitality and top human performance. This is ATLETIKA!

What does physical culture mean? (физическая культура)

“Physical Culture is a culmination of scientific research and anecdotal based evidence as it applies to physical performance. Various forms of human movement such as: feats of strength, feats of speed and power, aesthetic beauty of the human structure and the gracefulness in which it moves help to illustrate the core of what we know today as physical culture.” -Matt K. Elam, MS, CSCS, LMT

Why we promote physical culture here at ATLETIKA?

In every society, there exists a culture - accepted values and practices of that region. Physical Culture is no different. The way that we train our bodies as well as fuel them through nutrition and restoration will determine our quality of physical health and performance.

When you think of Physical Culture, think about the following disciplines: Olympic-style weightlifting, Speed & Footwork, Weight Loss & Muscle Tone, Outdoor Activities, Martial Arts, Recovery & Prehabilitation Techniques (Yoga, Massage, etc.), Calorie Manipulation & Proper Nutrition, Dance, Aerobics, Plyometric or "Shock" Training.


ATLETIKA is a system of total physical preparation. Our physical preparation classes and personal training sessions are geared towards getting the most out of each of our students. For example, we realize that not every person is starting from scratch when they enter our institute. Some have useful performance tools built up over a certain period of time. Other people, on the other hand, may have accumulated bad motor habits or long-term injuries that inhibit their ability to rapidly improve their own human movement capabilities. And then there are those who are at a tender young age and have had no formal training in physical preparation. Here at ATLETIKA, we take all of these things into consideration during our evaluation and analysis of each student. The goal of our programs will always be to improve our students overall movement capabilities and get them prepared to face as many expected as well as unforeseen challenges that the world will throw at them. There is no other way.

ATLETIKA consists of the following:
• Sports Enhancement Training
• General Fitness/Body Sculpting Training
• Martial Arts/Combatives Training


Our system is for anyone – young or old – who has the guts to try something unique and the foresight to recognize a system that cannot be matched. For anyone who does not wish to look back on their youth and regret not playing better, running faster, lifting heavier, and so on.

Our training system is for those who are tired of being overweight. For ladies who are ready to drop pounds as well as dress sizes. In fact, you may be in a single digit dress size right now but you’re weak and un-toned. That’s just as bad as being overweight! Our system is for those men who would like to lose their gut or build up those muscles that used to show. In a nutshell, our system is for anyone who wants to be better physically than they may have ever thought possible.

“It is not enough to have some mediocre trainer stick you on a treadmill for an hour or have you go from machine to machine isolating body parts. You must train in a way that stimulates your body in an athletic fashion – from head to toe.”

A word from the director

Matt Elam“Fitness is a life-long commitment. It is the choice we make every day to better our body, our mind, and our spirit. The great thing about fitness is that it does not discriminate. It does not care what color you are…what your gender is…or your age. A healthy lifestyle can benefit everybody! Please take advantage of every opportunity you have to improve or maintain your health. You owe it to your friends, your family, and last but certainly not least – yourself! No excuses…start today.” -Matt Elam, MS, CSCS, LMT


"Matt has made exercise a good experience for me and the way he runs the class makes it obvious that he knows his stuff with regards to the functionality of the human body. He is observant and can tell how a student is feeling and what a student needs without verbal cues. Even going (to ATLETIKA Physical Preparation class) just once a week produces noticeable differences in how I look and how I feel. I really like the addition of boxing and wrestling as dynamic cool downs...Service is 5-star."

D. Katsura, Mililani
"Matt's abilities as a coach exceed that of all other coaches I have trained under, including All-American and Olympic wrestlers. He is always willing to get into the training and he always sets high standards for himself and his students. ATLETIKA has pushed me to a level I didn't think that I could achieve."

M. Adams, Ewa Beach
"I love the small classes, the friendliness of the staff and that they're family oriented."

T. Calantoc, Ewa Beach

"Jeslyn's confidence levels have soared to new heights greatly due to her dance class. ATLETIKA is the 1st facility Jeslyn ever experienced, and since then, she has shown interest in other activities such as swimming and sports. ATLETIKA Dance is a great place to break out of your shell & shine!" (Ballet/Tap I Beginning)

J. Yashiki, Waipahu
"Excellent class (Beginning Tumbling and Jazz/Acrobatics). Miss Lynn is a wonderful teacher that teaches them lifelong lessons. As a result, my child is much more confident and expressive."

B. Nakata, Waianae
"I decided to start a personal training program to get into shape and build strength. I saw the online profile and once I spoke with Matt I knew that he knew what he was talking about. Powerlifting is my fitness goal. I am fuller in the sense of muscles, have more energy and I am stronger in all areas. Exercises are easier and I see improvements every week. Matt is a phenomenal trainer. The best part about working with Matt is his attention to detail. Keep up the great work!"

L. Villa (A member of the American Air Force Academy)

"I decided to start a personal training program because I wasn't happy with my current physical health and I needed the motivation. I chose Matt and ATLETIKA because of the one-on-one quality and the privacy he offered along with the knowledge. Also because he didn't judge me. My fitness goals are to bulk up and become cut. I want the all-around feel good as far as the physical. I've noticed my abs more defined, my back is more muscular, my chest is showing more, and my arms are filling out my shirts. People are most definitely noticing my change and I feel sexier. Matt keeps a positive energy with him at all times. He is very professional and keeps it fun and stimulating. He knows what he is talking about! He's not judgmental. He always lets you know people's bodies are different. You gotta find what works for you. If you want results without the distractions of 45 other people around or you want a trainer who knows his craft, Matt is it!"

S. Washington (Army Sergeant)
"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Matt's training sessions with Moses. My husband, Jerry and older son, John attended a couple of the sessions and were very impressed with the workouts. Moses enjoys his time with Matt and describes the workouts as "mean" lol. Even beyond the physical workout, Matt is helping Mo with his mental game. We can see that in the short time they have been together, Moses is becoming a quicker, stronger, SMARTER player. He's excited to use the skills in the game. Hopefully he'll make Matt proud."

Y. Samia, Kapolei (mother of starting defensive linemen at University of Hawai`i)
"I wanted to become leaner, stronger, and more flexible. I wanted a functional body that looked good and made me feel good. I feel very strongly that I have met many of my goals and are on track to meeting the rest. My flexibility and quickness have improved greatly. I feel that I have more control over my muscles and body. I have achieved more muscle definition and improved muscle strength in areas such as my rear shoulders that I haven’t seen before. My overall body appearance has gotten much better, I have lost fat and can now see my muscles. My posture and self confidence in myself and my abilities has increased. Matt is very comfortable in a gym. He is able to give clear explanations on how to do an exercise and if I don’t feel it, he is able to adjust it with the feedback I give him so that I do feel it. The best part about working with Matt is his connection with me. When I train with Matt, it is like training with a friend who I have known for a while. He seems to be very tuned to my body and its developments and he is always willing to pass on knowledge. I have enjoyed the programs that I have followed, the people that I have encountered are all very nice and I feel that I train more efficiently when I train with Matt."

- B. Emerson

"I decided to start a personal training program in order to better myself for my upcoming football season. I wanted someone not that old, someone I can relate to, and who knows the game of football. Matt Elam is an all-around cool guy. From what he teaches me, I have grown in weightlifting and endurance. I have a lot more energy and less restlessness since I started training. I feel my self-confidence has gotten better especially going into spring training. I feel that my performance will be good and better than last year. For me to have the opportunity to work with a professional like Matt is an opportunity of a lifetime. I would definitely recommend [ATLETIKA] to others because it is a great place with great people. Also, you have the advantage of not having to wait for people to finish with machines and you get one-on-one attention."

- C. Maake (high school football player)
"My respect for Matt’s abilities continues to grow as he continues to bring new ideas and good results to our sessions. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to the world of personal training and effective exercise by Matt. I will continue to recommend Matt because the person I referred to Matt is grateful that I did."

- M. Emerson (initial fitness goals were to increase strength and balance)

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